Bringing Light to the Darkness

Where there was once only ice and death, let the light shine forth.

Objectives (18)

Light the braziers throughout West Bjora Marches.

  • A lost kodan ship
  • A village under siege
  • A shrine of might
  • A shrine of vigilance
  • A shrine of valor
  • A whispering menace
  • A ruin once devoted to the greatest of hunts
  • A vista overlooking Koda's refuge
  • A vista atop the highest peaks
  • A vista in Eagle's gaze
  • A vista in the woodland
  • A vista in a quiet grotto
  • A waterfall held in time
  • A lost tower buried in the mountains
  • A hidden place, riddled with gates
  • A lost labyrinth
  • A vista in a cavern filled with lost history
  • A peak that bore witness to Koda's loss


  1. 5 : 10 objectives completed
  2. 5 : 18 objectives completed
Total: 10