Charr have four ears, but it doesn't hurt to have a few extra.

Objectives (12)

Plant all of the listening devices at strategic locations throughout Northern Drizzlewood Coast.

  • Speak with Cato Snapjaw to collect the listening devices.
  • Strategic Location 1: Behind a tent in the southern Dominion camp.
  • Strategic Location 2: Tucked under a charr vehicle in the central Dominion camp.
  • Strategic Location 3: At the foot of a wooden tower behind stacked crates in the northern Dominion camp.
  • Strategic Location 4: Among some rocks below the northernmost comm tower.
  • Strategic Location 5: In bushes just below the northeast exit from the cave system.
  • Strategic Location 6: Near the northern artillery position at Canopy Crag.
  • Strategic Location 7: Near bushes by the central comm tower.
  • Strategic Location 8: Next to the northern end of the bridge.
  • Strategic Location 9: Behind a tree high on a plateau in the southeast, facing the lighthouse.
  • Strategic Location 10: In some bushes along the main causeway.
  • Strategic Location 11: On an outcrop of rocks northeast of the southern Dominion camp.


  1. 1 : 1 objectives completed
  2. 2 : 4 objectives completed
  3. 3 : 8 objectives completed
  4. 4 : 12 objectives completed
Total: 10