Wupwup Armor Chest


Double-click to choose an ascended armor piece with Celestial stats.

Account Bound on Acquire
Not salvagable
Not sellable


The contents of this container are unknown. You can help by adding the contained items.



"name": "Wupwup Armor Chest",
"description": "Double-click to choose an ascended armor piece with Celestial stats.",
"type": "Container",
"level": 0,
"rarity": "Ascended",
"vendor_value": 320,
"game_types": [
"PvpLobby", "Wvw", "Dungeon", "Pve"
"flags": [
"AccountBound", "NoMysticForge", "NoSalvage", "NoSell", "AccountBindOnUse"
"restrictions": [],
"id": 70144,
"chat_link": "[&AgEAEgEA]",
"details": {
"type": "Default"
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