War Eternal Supply Drop Requisition

War Eternal Supply Drop Requisition
Consumable (Generic)

The War Eternal Supply Drop
Use this to sign your account up for weekly War Eternal Supply Drops. Receive the first immediately and three more between now and May 21.

First Drop:
Exotic Breeds Mount Select License, a choice of one Desert Racer, Distant Lands, or Istani Isles mount select license or an Exotic Breeds Mount Adoption License, the Elonian Adversaries Dye Pack, and one Mini Green Raptor Hatchling, Mini Yellow Jackal Pup, Mini Red Griffon Hatchling, Mini Brown Springer Kit, and Mini Blue Skimmer Pup.
Second Drop:
Black Lion Outfit Voucher, Onyx and Gold Lion Weapon Choice, and 2 Black Lion Miniature Claim Tickets.
Third Drop:
Black Lion Backpack and Glider Voucher, Communal Boost Bonfire, 2 Heroic Boosters, 5 Black Lion Statuettes.
Fourth Drop:
Branded Weapon Select Box, 2 Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlocks, 5 Black Lion Chest Keys.

Account Bound
Not sellable