8th Anniversary Supply Drop Requisition

8th Anniversary Supply Drop Requisition
Consumable (Generic)

The 8th Anniversary Supply Drop
Use this to sign your account up for weekly 8th Anniversary Supply Drops. Receive the first drop immediately and three more between now and September 15.

First Drop:
5 Black Lion Chest Keys, a Golden Black Lion Chest Key, 2 Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlocks, and a Lorekeeper Weapon Select Box.
Second Drop:
A Bizarre Beasts Mount Select License, a choice of one Exotic Breeds, Mistborn, Curious Creatures, or New Horizons Mount Select License or a Bizarre Beasts Mount Adoption License, and a Black Lion Outfit Voucher.
Third Drop:
A Black Lion Dye Canister Package, a Black Lion Backpack and Glider Voucher, and a Black Lion Weapons Voucher.
Fourth Drop:
5 Black Lion Statuettes, a Mythic Weapon Choice, 2 Black Lion Miniature Claim Tickets, and a Black Lion Booster Box.

Account Bound
Not sellable