Special Ops Medium Pants Skin

Double-click to consume.
Required Level: 80

Double-click to apply this look to any other medium leggings.

Account Bound on Acquire
Not salvagable
Not sellable

Unlocked Skins



"name": "Special Ops Medium Pants Skin",
"description": "Double-click to apply this look to any other medium leggings.",
"type": "Consumable",
"level": 80,
"rarity": "Exotic",
"vendor_value": 132,
"game_types": [
"Wvw", "Dungeon", "Pve"
"flags": [
"AccountBound", "NoMysticForge", "NoSalvage", "NoSell", "AccountBindOnUse"
"restrictions": [],
"id": 99765,
"chat_link": "[&AgG1hQEA]",
"details": {
"type": "Transmutation",
"skins": [
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