Renewal of Air

Skill › Elementalist › Air › Utility
Glyph. Revive and teleport an ally to your location.
Range: 900
Recharge: 90s
Revive Targets: 1
Radius: 180

Swiftness (10s):
Movement speed increased by 33%; stacks duration.
Only when trait 229 is equipped.



"name": "Renewal of Air",
"facts": [
"text": "Range",
"type": "Range",
"value": 900
"text": "Recharge",
"type": "Recharge",
"value": 90
"text": "Revive Targets",
"type": "Number",
"value": 1
"text": "Radius",
"type": "Distance",
"distance": 180
"description": "Glyph. Revive and teleport an ally to your location.",
"type": "Utility",
"weapon_type": "None",
"attunement": "Air",
"professions": [
"slot": "Utility",
"flags": [
"id": 5760,
"chat_link": "[&BoAWAAA=]",
"categories": [
"traited_facts": [
"text": "Apply Buff/Condition",
"type": "Buff",
"duration": 10,
"status": "Swiftness",
"description": "Movement speed increased by 33%; stacks duration.",
"apply_count": 1,
"requires_trait": 229
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