Skill › Bundle
Set an explosive that damages nearby foes.
Damage: (1.2)
Radius: 240
Number of Targets: 5
Fuse Time: 1s



"name": "Bomb",
"facts": [
"text": "Damage",
"type": "Damage",
"hit_count": 1,
"dmg_multiplier": 1.2
"text": "Radius",
"type": "Distance",
"distance": 240
"text": "Number of Targets",
"type": "Number",
"value": 5
"text": "Fuse Time",
"type": "Time",
"duration": 1
"text": "Explosion",
"type": "NoData",
"description": "Set an explosive that damages nearby foes.",
"type": "Bundle",
"weapon_type": "None",
"professions": [
"Thief", "Mesmer", "Warrior", "Elementalist", "Necromancer", "Guardian", "Ranger", "Engineer", "Revenant"
"slot": "Weapon_1",
"flags": [],
"id": 5842,
"chat_link": "[&BtIWAAA=]"
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