Total Size: 12 GB.

Achievement13,516564 MB52 MB616 MB
AchievementCategory61818 MB3088 kB21 MB
AchievementCategoryHistory82,3416904 kB6608 kB13 MB
AchievementGroup1816 kB80 kB96 kB
AchievementGroupHistory28880 kB64 kB144 kB
AchievementHistory210,76816 MB18 MB34 MB
ApiRequest70,04247 MB8 MB56 MB
Application216 kB32 kB48 kB
ApplicationApiRequest178,97817 MB17 MB34 MB
Build658192 bytes16 kB24 kB
Color643416 kB408 kB824 kB
ColorHistory2,548248 kB200 kB448 kB
Content35,8801640 kB840 kB2480 kB
Currency7196 kB80 kB176 kB
CurrencyContent898192 bytes16 kB24 kB
CurrencyHistory31656 kB40 kB96 kB
GuildUpgrade1,039728 kB616 kB1344 kB
GuildUpgradeHistory13,6131352 kB1176 kB2528 kB
Icon23,0192064 kB536 kB2600 kB
IngredientCurrency1168192 bytes16 kB24 kB
IngredientGuildUpgrade610104 kB32 kB136 kB
IngredientItem40,9992256 kB1112 kB3368 kB
Item72,610875 MB107 MB983 MB
ItemHistory1,590,751118 MB263 MB381 MB
Job1355832 kB240 kB6072 kB
MysticForgeIngredientItem8,4181008 kB608 kB1616 kB
MysticForgeRecipe2,105288 kB168 kB456 kB
PageView2,212,335125 MB88 MB214 MB
Recipe13,0456040 kB2104 kB8144 kB
Review110192 kB16 kB208 kB
Revision3,070,1522287 MB440 MB2727 MB
Skill4,1902400 kB2152 kB4552 kB
SkillHistory115,9609 MB10 MB19 MB
Skin9,036166 MB19 MB186 MB
SkinHistory1,193,64289 MB90 MB179 MB
Title361256 kB288 kB544 kB
TitleHistory8,365680 kB720 kB1400 kB
TradingPostHistory14,435,526,0005961 MB1088 MB7056 MB
WizardsVaultListing4656 kB32 kB88 kB
WizardsVaultListingHistory9248 kB40 kB88 kB
WizardsVaultObjective177184 kB208 kB392 kB
WizardsVaultObjectiveHistory4,378384 kB360 kB744 kB
_ItemToSkin42,7591568 kB1424 kB2992 kB
_RecipeToRevision38,6943024 kB6488 kB9 MB
_bits_item5,419232 kB272 kB504 kB
_bits_skin3,279152 kB192 kB344 kB
_prerequisites53948 kB80 kB128 kB
_prisma_migrations7456 kB16 kB72 kB
_rewards_item2,575152 kB160 kB312 kB
_rewards_title26540 kB32 kB72 kB
_suffix11,212432 kB528 kB960 kB
_unlocks_color61648 kB64 kB112 kB
_unlocks_guild_upgrade54948 kB64 kB112 kB
_unlocks_recipe4,934312 kB440 kB752 kB
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